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Our Vision

At Holyhead Primary School we strive to inspire and motivate our children to achieve and excel in physically-demanding activities and competitions. We continually support our children to understand the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle whilst aiming to develop a sense of enjoyment at being physically active.


This will be done through the following…

  • Access to two hours of quality physical activity for every child.
  • Fun and safe learning through sport.
  • Playground and Hall with all the correct markings for activities.
  • Correct and good quality resources for children to access during playtimes, PE lessons and in afterschool clubs.
  • Every child given the chance to access a range of sports and activities.
  • Giving children the opportunity to develop their talents further by being signposted to relevant sports clubs both in and out of school.
  • To show how Physical Education and sport can have a big impact on other areas of education and whole school improvement.
  • Make Holyhead Primary School a healthy lifestyle school and use ICT to help enhance children’s performance.
  • Tackle obesity through providing education about healthy diets and lifestyles and providing opportunities to be physically active.
  • To give children access to competition through inter-school competition.
  • To develop partnerships with outside organisations such as secondary schools, colleges, universities and coaches.
  • To develop the values of fair play and respect.
  • To develop a successful Physical Education and after school curriculum.
  • To support all staff to develop their confidence and competence to deliver Physical Education within school.
  • To highlight gifted and talented children and help them to further develop their abilities.
  • To encourage families to come in to school to help reach our goal.
  • To encourage fair play in sports.


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